Caliente Fridays

Transcend. ..transcend would be the best word to describe the atmosphere at Yo Amo Tacos on a Friday Night. The vibe is nice, the live music relaxes and invigorates but it’s the food that puts Caliente Fridays over the top. Our fusion of authentic Playa Del Carmen Mexican and International flavor is something to be desired and a great way to indulge your senses after a tiring work week.


On Friday & Saturday nights, Ruben & Raul (right) serenade Yo Amo Tacos with beautiful Latin music complemented by the Mariachi duo, Jorge and Yuri (left). There are not many places that offer such entertainment and especially entertainment this authentic. As you are sitting, eating, laughing & enjoying you may begin to believe you are in Playa Del Carmen. It only becomes apparent that you are in Vaughan when you leave Yo Amo Tacos…come and “Escape Sameness”

Dinner Menu

Led by Chef Arturo, Yo Amo Tacos has created a distinctive menu that much like its motto, Escape’s Sameness. We are constantly pushing culinary boundaries to bring to you a taste that embodies the Playa Del Carmen flair: bold, fun and exotic. Checkout Yo Amo Tacos New and Improved Menu

Specials for the night:

  • $4 Drinks after 10pm
  • 100 bottles after 10 pm
  • Come in to see our Food Specials for the night!


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